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When a home inspector performs a home inspection, there are certain rules that they must follow that fall in the "Standards of Practice". As a part of the Home Inspector "Standards of Practice", we are not mandated to climb on each and every roof of the homes we inspect. We are only obligated to carry a certain size ladder and if the roof is to steep ot dangerous we do not have to climb them. When these issues arise, we do the best we can to examine the roof with binoculars and zoom cameras and to check for water leaks from the attic. These situations can leave a new home buyer somewhat vulnerable to problems. Here at Metro Home and Property Inspetions, we go the extra mile and employ our Drone so that we can give the new home buyer as much protection as possible with our eyes in the sky. The photos below were of those similar situations and you can see what we found.

roof Roof Roof
Photo above with drone shows clogged gutters photo above shows a cracked roof shingle

This particular inspection was a three story building that had no roof access and no ladder big enough to check the roof. the drone detected serious open damaged areas of the roof that need to be repaired to prevent water intrusion

roof roof

Photo Above Shows Standing water on roof - No proper drainage           Other serious damaged areas of the roof that 

                                                                                                                                          needs to be repaired