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Metro Home & Property Inspections now offers a "Home Maintenance Inspection Service Program" for your home, building, or workspace; Residential or Commercial. During our time of performing Home Inspection Services for Home Buyers and/or Home Sellers, we realized that had homeowners kept up to date with simple maintenance tasks; they would not be spending thousands today on simple maintenance tasks. So why not spend hundreds now for a Home Maintenance Inspection, "to save thousands in the future." You may think your home is up to date with maintenance, but we guarantee you will be surprised by the maintenance issues that your home has. You can have a simple water leak that you may not be able to see that could be creating mold in your home. These types of issues are not visible to the naked eye, but they cannot hide from our thermal imaging cameras. You also may have safety issues in your home that you are not aware of. Being aware and making necessary repairs to the safety issues, you can prevent dangerous accidents and ensure the safety of not only your family but that of your guests, which can also lead to lawsuits.

Being up to date and knowledgeable of any maintenance issues can give you peace of mind, maintains your home value (especially if you are looking to sell) by halting deterioration of your home, improves the quality of life because a well-maintained home is more energy-efficient, less likely to have mold and mildew buildup and less chance to cause illnesses for its inhabitants. Maintaining is much less costly than repairing. With Our Maintenance Inspections, we inspect your Plumbing, Electrical, Roofing, Heating, and Air Conditioning, Exterior Grounds, Basements, Attics, Decks and Patios, condition of caulking and grouting, Garages, if Garage Door Safety Sensors are working, Electrical Panels for safety and fire hazards, piping insulation, condition of Sump Pump, Missing Handrails (Safety Hazards), window caulking, Caulking in bathroom, Damaged Gutters, missing downspouts, Loose Gutter mounting spikes, Proper Dryer vent exhaust, Smoke and CO Detectors, Loose Door Hardware, condition of exterior wood around windows for rotting, Secured wood trim, Proper water hoses for washing machine, loose and leaky faucets, and so much more. Our Home Maintenance Inspections are very thorough, and you will be very pleased with the results. Our Home Maintenance Inspections are very similar to a Home Inspection when you are buying a home and also follow the Standards of Practice of a typical Home Inspection.