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Severity of Thermal Imaging Inspections in Staten Island, NY - Serving all 5 Boroughs

Our Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspections in Staten Island, NY, are able to see what the naked eye cannot. Moisture-related problems include rain penetration, structural decay, mold growth, indoor humidity, condensation, a wet foundation, ice dams, and many other issues. Moisture Intrusion into a building can also threaten the safety of its occupants. For the most part, these problems are preventable and manageable. Most of the time, when buildings have moisture intrusion, the occupants are not aware. Our home inspectors are experienced with thermal imaging inspections.

In the event that the home or building does have moisture intrusion the safety of its occupants are in jeopardy. If moisture intrusion is present then you can pretty much guarantee that mold and mildew are present inside the walls. There are adverse health effects of mold due to to inhalational exposure. The health effects may include: allergic reactions, toxic effects and irritations, and infections, and respiratory issues. Evidence linking mold exposures to severe human health effects is documented in reports of occupational diseas, particularly in forestry and agricultural settings where inhalation exposures were typically high and/or chronic. The intensity of mold exposure and associated health effects experienced in undisturbed indoor environments is usually much less severe than that experienced by agricultural or forestry workers. Although high level exposures are unlikely to occur in undisturbed indoor settings, chronic exposures to lower levels may still raise serious health concerns.

Having an Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection done is a small expense compared to your health or the cost of severe damage to your home.