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Thermal Imaging Inspections in Staten Island, NY

Infrared thermal imaging inspections in Staten Island, NY, are non-destructive inspections that measure the heat that is emitted in walls, ceilings, foundations, electrical and steam systems, heating and air conditioning, roof leaks, energy loss, and more. The thermal images that are taken can identify a wide range of problems that are not visible to the naked eye. Damaged insulation, water intrusion, and electrical overheating, all produce different heat signatures that can be easily identified by a thermal image professional.

Our property inspection services and thermal imaging inspections improve the well-being of your home and building to reduce energy consumption, increase comfort, and eliminate conditions that can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, wet, damaged, or missing insulation, sources of air infiltration, areas of excessive heat loss, construction defects, heating, and AC. Check out our gallery below.

Benefits of Thermal Imaging in the Detection of:

  • Water Infiltration (roof leaks located with rainfall)
  • Cold Air Infiltration
  • Excessive Moisture in Building Materials
  • Stud /Joist /Beam /Rafter Placement and Structure
  • Insulation Gaps, Insufficient and Unevenness
  • Electrical Drops, Panels, Breakers, Switches, and Wire Connections
  • Heating and Cooling Duct Placement, Insulation, Air Leaks
  • Pipe Location
  • Special Inspections:
    • Pest Infestation
    • Energy Audits
    • Insurance Claims


Thermal Imaging Inspections in Staten Island, NY

Bad Wax Seal - Water Leaking Inside Floor 

Property Inspection Services in Staten Island, NY

 Water Leak in Corner

Full-Service Inspections in Staten Island, NY

 Roof Leak

Home Inspection Services in Staten Island, NY

Corner Ceiling Leak from Bathroom 

Before and After Thermal In Corner

Water Leak

Corner Thermal Image


Before and After Balcony Thermal

 Water Stains Under Exterior Porchv1

Roof Panels

Heat Escaping Through Roof Panels - Lack of Insulation 

Thermal Outside of Building

Exterior Cladding Leak

Thermal of Light

 Missing Insulation

Thermal Exterior of Wall

Missing Insulation Inside Wall 

Up Close of Outside of Wall

Exterior Cladding Leak 

Outside of Home Thermal

Missing Insulation

Toilet Before and After Thermal

 Bad Wax Seal - Water Leaking Inside Floor

Radiant Heat Before Thermal

Radiant Heat Floor 

Radiant Heat Before Thermal

Under Tile - Radiant Heat

Active Plumbing Leak

Active Plumbing Leak 

Thermal of AC Unit

 Debris inside AC Compressor

Radiant Heat Driveway Water Leak

Radiant Heat Driveway Water Leak

Improperly Sealed Air Duct

Improperly Sealed Air Duct - Cold Air Leaking into Attic - Creates Moisture Problem and Increases Energy Cost

Overheating Electric Breaker in Panel

Overheating Electric Breaker in Panel - Safety and Fire Hazard

Water Leak Behind Faucet

Water Leak Behind Faucet

Clogged Freon Coils

Clogged Freon Coils

Thermal Imaging Inspection Services

When you encounter issues in your home that you can’t seem to find the source of, our service professionals can assist you with thermal imaging inspection in Staten Island, NY. Thermal imaging allows us to detect even the smallest leaks. Figuring out where and why a leak is happening is important. If repairs are not carried out quickly, water damage can occur, allowing the growth of mold and mildew.

Our team will come to your home or business to perform a thorough inspection. We’ll examine every inch of your property with our thermal imaging equipment so that we can identify the sources of your damaged insulation or electrical overheating. Our thermal inspection services can be used to detect a variety of issues. From there, our experts can give advice and recommendations on the best way to approach and resolve the problem.

With so many options available for full-service inspections, it just makes sense to utilize the skill and equipment of Metro Home & Property Inspections. Our team is professionally trained and has the ability to provide you with innovative thermal imaging. When you rely on us to meet your home inspection needs, we’ll go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

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Severity of Thermal Imaging Inspections in Staten Island, NY - Serving all 5 Boroughs

Our Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspections in Staten Island, NY, are able to see what the naked eye cannot. Moisture-related problems include rain penetration, structural decay, mold growth, indoor humidity, condensation, a wet foundation, ice dams, and many other issues. Moisture Intrusion into a building can also threaten the safety of its occupants. For the most part, these problems are preventable and manageable. Most of the time, when buildings have moisture intrusion, the occupants are not aware. Our home inspectors are experienced with thermal imaging inspections.

In the event that the home or building does have moisture intrusion, the safety of its occupants is in jeopardy. If moisture intrusion is present, then you can pretty much guarantee that mold and mildew are present inside the walls. There are adverse health effects of mold due to inhalational exposure. The health effects may include allergic reactions, toxic effects and irritations, and infections, and respiratory issues. Evidence linking mold exposures to severe human health effects is documented in reports of occupational diseas, particularly in forestry and agricultural settings where inhalation exposures were typically high and/or chronic. The intensity of mold exposure and associated health effects experienced in undisturbed indoor environments is usually much less severe than that experienced by agricultural or forestry workers. Although high-level exposures are unlikely to occur in undisturbed indoor settings, chronic exposures to lower levels may still raise serious health concerns.

Having an Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection done is a small expense compared to your health or the cost of severe damage to your home.